Life Never Ends After Death

Eternal Soul

Human life doesn’t end once and for all

In the course of your life so far, your life has already been decided and there is nothing you can do about your destiny. Some people may think that way, but that is not the truth.

What determines your life is your own “choice” in the past. During our lives, we have made many choices. We have made many choices during our lives, and I believe that we will find that this chain of choices has created our current destiny.

For example, when you move up from junior high school to high school, one of the choices you have to make is which school to go to. Do you want to go to a public high school or a private high school? Also, the curriculum differs from high school to high school. What kind of high school do you want to go to? Or you may choose to work after graduating from junior high school. With such a variety of possible choices, students choose their own path.

Of course, in order to pass the school of your choice, you have to choose to study for the exam. However, the choice to study or not to study is left up to the individual, and he or she is given the freedom to choose. You can choose either way. This may seem obvious when you think about it.

A series of choices you’ve made so far have shaped your life

However, there is something that many people tend to overlook. It is that we think of life as a one-time event. Many people may think that life ends when we die, but before this life, there is a series of choices we made in the past, and after this life, there will be another series of choices in the next life.

Our life is like a long line that goes on without interruption, and the choices we make each time shape the life we lead today. Therefore, if you are happy right now, it is the result of many choices you have made in the past, and the continuous flow of your thoughts and actions to be happy is crystallized in the present moment, transcending time.

This is true not only for happiness, but also for unhappiness. If in our past lives we have chosen to do things that only hurt others, then we will surely taste unhappiness as the fruit of our misfortune in the present moment. In this way, freedom of choice comes with responsibility.

Human life is like an unbroken line in eternal time

So, here’s the point. Our life is like an unbroken line, and each choice we make is a point that forms that line.

If the choices we make are based on loving thoughts and deeds, they become shining golden dots, and as the number of shining dots increases, they become shining lines, and we become happier and happier. On the contrary, if the black dots based on thoughts and deeds for ego and greed continue to grow and become black lines, then we will be further and further away from happiness.

If a line is about 10 centimeters, then that 10 centimeters is this life. However, there is also a line drawn behind the zero centimeter point. That is the life before you were born this time.

And the line after 10 centimeters will continue to grow forever without interruption after this life is over, and it is the choices we make with our thoughts and deeds that connect the lines.

This chain of thoughts and deeds is our life itself, and God has given us the chance to redo our life as many times as we want by changing our thoughts and deeds.