Free will is for love

How to Live a Happy Life

To sell one’s soul is to sell one’s free will

There is often a story in manga and anime where a person sells their soul to a demon and is left to do what the demon does.

‘I’ll give you this world in exchange for your soul,’ or some such devilish whisper.

What do you think it means to sell your soul?

It is a selling out of free will.

The kingdom of the heart cannot be invaded by anyone

We have been given free will from God and it is a “kingdom of the heart” that no one can invade.

You are free to think and do what you want, and that is what God has given you.

The God of the universe wants us to exercise our free will to the best of our ability. God is pleased with free expression.

However, when I say freedom, it doesn’t mean that God wants disorder. In what direction does God want each person to exercise his or her free will?

It is in the direction of “love”.

This is because the God of the universe is the energy of love itself, and it is each of us who has been divided and created with that energy of love.

Anything in this universe that can’t resonate with the energy of love is going to be unable to exist.

It’s not that God is punishing or judging, but that we are becoming less and less energetically together in this overwhelming cosmic magnetic field of love, within the Law of Vibration Sympathy.

Energies of similar vibration will attract, coalesce and intensify, while energies of different vibration will recede. Therefore, anything that doesn’t resonate with the thought of love will no longer be allowed to exist in the universe.

Free will is for the expression of love

Originally, we are the energy bodies of love. It is part of the God of the universe and can be described as the cell of God.

The free will that has been given to us is for the expression of love as its divine cell, not to inhibit it.

However, we are not perfect like God, so it is true that sometimes we lose our way, and with the wrong use of free will, we end up thinking and doing the opposite of love. It’s something that can deceive and torment people. You may be trying to defend yourself and trample on others.

It is also a betrayal of one’s own loving heart, but it is also something that is allowed as free will. If there is anything to be learned from it as a child of God, God does not condemn, does not judge, but simply allows it.

Even God Himself, who created us, respects the free will of each of us to the fullest extent and will never do anything to violate it. He is waiting with love for us to realize who we are as the original children of God.

In this way, it is completely up to each of us to decide how to use our free will, but it is when we use it for love that it shines brightest, fills our hearts, and gives us a taste of happiness. And it’s something that makes a lot of people happy.

Blue Impulse – gratitude and respect for the medical personnel of the COVID-19

Love is also the desire to help those who are suffering.

Right now, there are medical professionals working on the front lines for patients with the COVID-19.

In the midst of the possibility that they might catch the virus themselves, they put their own affairs aside and work for those who are suffering. I wonder if I am not the only one who sees love there.

And to show our appreciation and respect for those medical professionals, the Blue Impulse of the Air Self-Defense Force was flying over Tokyo yesterday.

I also happened to be outside for work and saw five Blue Impulse planes flying in beautiful clouds. Many people walking down the street were cheering and admiring the beauty of it.

I thought to myself, “Isn’t this the very act of love?”I believe this is the free will that is used for love.

Not on the path of destruction, but on the path of love

Free will is a very precious thing and it is related to the essence of the soul.

That’s why, as often depicted, it’s also something that the devil wants by poking at the heart of people. For as long as the devil takes it away from him, he can rule as he pleases.

“I want to get a lot of people to follow me. I want to control a lot of people.”
“I want to be a millionaire and have the world the way I want it.”

Such an egoistic thought is a far from wish for people’s happiness. It is at such thoughts that the devil’s claws are hooked.

The way to avoid being caught in the claws of such demons is to remember the thought of love.

We would never, out of selfishness, sell our souls to the devil.

Walk in the way of love, not in the way of destruction.

That is the path that will eventually lead to everyone being happy, including yourself.