What The Appearance Of UFOs Means


Nowadays, videos of UFOs are often seen on the news and social networking sites. A long time ago, this would have been unthinkable, but now anyone can easily take video with a smartphone, and UFO pictures can be seen everywhere.

It is not a coincidence that UFOs have become so common. It is because the time we are living in now is the time to open our consciousness to the Universe.The appearance of UFOs from the outside of the Earth encourages us to expand our awareness of the Earth as a member of the Universe.

In the past, there was the visit of the Black Ships, which triggered the opening of Japan to the world after its isolation during the Edo period. In the same way, spaceships are now appearing as an opportunity for the Earth to open up to the Universe.

The roots of the people of the Earth originally came from other planets in the Universe. Many souls came from various stars in the Universe, and we humans have been practicing soul training. We, the children of God, live in such a great flow of the Universe, not only reincarnation within one planet, but also rebirth beyond the planet after completing our learning on that planet.

It is said that those who go out into the Universe from their own planet often learn the fundamental divine principles of the Universe and develop the science and technology to be able to go out into the Universe. They have a higher spiritual awareness, and their thoughts of love are deeper than those of earthlings.

If they are barbaric people who want to invade other planets, they cannot go out into the Universe; the aliens who come in UFOs are not invaders, but they are seniors with much higher awareness and advanced technology than Earth, and they are children of the same God.

Until now, the Earth has been limited to its own planet and has not been able to go out into the Universe. But now, as we look forward to the era of opening our consciousness to the cosmos, our friends in the universe are waiting with open arms to help us evolve further as a member of the Universe.