Creativity Given by God

Children of God

The inherent creativity of humans

Have you ever thought about how to cultivate your creativity? It is said that life is enriched by a wealth of creativity.

What does creativity look like? Some people may think of it as a special ability, which is generally regarded as the power to create something new, but it is not unique.

This is because it is a power that has been present in each of us since we were created. It is the power of creativity that is given to everyone.

All creation begins with the desire to create something like this

What is the first thing you need when you create? The first thing you need is a “desire” to create. Without a desire, you cannot create anything. Without that thought, you can’t create anything, and you can call it a “vision”.

When you think of “I want to express this or that”, it is the start of creation. In other words, creativity is the power of the mind. If you think about it that way, it makes sense that it is a power that everyone has. We “think” about something every day.

Creativity is the power to focus and sustain thoughts to a point

So why are some people creative and others are not?

As I mentioned earlier, there is no such thing as a lack of creativity. It is a power that everyone has, but it might be more appropriate to say that some people are aware of how to use it and others are not.

What is creativity? It is the power to focus and sustain thoughts to a point. What is lacking in people who are considered to lack creativity is the power to keep their thoughts focused on a single point.

A book is born out of creativity

For example, creating a book is also a creative power. In order to create a book, you need to decide on many things and give it shape.

What kind of project will it be? Who will be the author? And who is going to be the target readers? What kind of cover design and tagline will be used to launch the book?

These things are thought of by an editor, but there are many ideas and thoughts embedded in these ideas, and many people collaborate with each other, and all of these things come together to create a book.

If the editor has no desire to produce the book, the book will never be produced. When the energy to produce it is cut off, the creation is not made. Conversely, if the thought is sustained and held on to until it crystallizes into a book, that is where the creation takes place.

The human child of God is given the same creative power as God

The creative power that is given to us humans is ultimately the same creative power as God, who created this grand universe. The same creative power has been given to human beings as God created this grand universe.

It is not infinite in scale and does not extend to God, but it is certainly a power that is given to each and every child of God from God.
It is left to the free will of each child of God to decide what to produce with that creative power.

What does God want us to do?

It is surely He wants us to use the creative power of each of us to make other children of God happy.

The answers to these questions are not forced on anyone, but are something that each of us will spend our lives figuring out.