Is Suicide an Escape?

Life's Troubles

Is suicide an escape?

You may be told many reasons why suicide is wrong, and why it is wrong.

Some may say that committing suicide is an “escape,” but that is coming from someone who doesn’t know what is really going on and is just ignorant.

Suicide is not an escape, it is equivalent to committing a sin. If you commit suicide, you will be plunging headfirst into even more suffering than you are now.

The false belief that everything ends when you die

Why do some people think suicide is an escape? It comes out of the idea that when you die, everything is over. When you call it an escape, the thought that you can let go of your pain and become comfortable is apparent. There is the belief that if you die, you will become nothing, so all this suffering will disappear and everything will be cleared up and you will be happy.

I think most people commit suicide because they want to escape from the pain they are experiencing now, but this is clearly a false belief. People are not such transient beings that everything ends when they die and everything falls away.

No one is born to commit suicide

Originally, when we come into this world, we make a plan for our lives based on what we will learn and what our challenges will be in this life. It is called a “blueprint,” but each person is born with a plan for what kind of life he or she will lead.

No one is born with a plan to commit suicide. No one is born to commit suicide. So why does suicide happen? It is because we have been given free will by God and left to our own free will to think and do whatever we want to do.

You will take responsibility for what you’ve done and pay for what you’ve done

However, it is important to note here that with free will comes responsibility. You must accept responsibility for what you think and what you do. That is a matter of course.

For example, what would happen if you committed a murder? You have to go to prison and take responsibility for that. “Why did I do what I did? Why did I do that? Why did I do that? If he or she hadn’t been killed by you, he or she might have lived longer. I have taken away all the many possibilities that he or she had. What have I done to myself?”

While feeling overwhelmed by these feelings of blame, they reflect on what they have done and try to make amends.

If you kill yourself, you will go to hell and suffer more than you already do

Suicide is the same as that. Suicide is the same as murder. It is the same as it is said in every religion.

Just as a murderer goes to prison, a suicide victim goes to hell after death. And they will suffer even more than they did when they were alive, and they will have to reflect on their suffering.

If you know such things, you will understand that suicide is not an escape, but rather it just makes the pain and suffering even more painful.

Life is eternal and no one can escape from themselves

A person’s life does not end when he or she dies. Life goes on after death, the soul is eternal and we cannot escape from ourselves.

The more we try to run away from suffering, the more it chases us. Instead of escaping, we just have to face it. Then the suffering is not suffering, it becomes nourishment for the soul and is digested before you know it.