To Those Who Are Struggling With Fear Of The Afterlife

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To those who are struggling with fear of the afterlife

“I wonder what happens when I die?”

“Is there really such a thing as an afterlife?”

In this way, some people feel uneasy about whether there is actually an afterlife.

Most of that fear and anxiety is probably due to the fact that we don’t really know what the afterlife is like.

However, such fears and anxieties can be eliminated by getting the right information about the afterlife.

Death is not something to be afraid of or suffer or hurt

For humans, dying is never a scary, painful, or painful thing to do.

Death is the removal of the soul from the body. And then we’re going back to the other side. To put it simply, this is all I can say.

Death is when consciousness, the soul that has been in the body for decades, leaves the body. No more, no less.

And the existence of the soul that is you is not going to disappear and be gone. Our own consciousness is not interrupted even after we die.

It is wrong to assume that everything is only what can be proven

Some people seem to find it hard to believe in the existence of an afterlife because it has not been proven. The question I would like to ask such people is, on the contrary, “Is the world of this world proven?”

It may be said that this world is too obvious to exist and that there is no need to prove it.In fact, we live there, too, so this world is something we take for granted.

If you want to prove that there is a world, many people are at a loss as to how to actually do it. Can it be said that it is proof that we are living in the present? It’s visible, so what’s the proof? So, can we say that there is no such thing as invisible air and wind?

When you think about it in this way, it becomes more and more vague. In other words, proof is what it is, and it is not perfect. It is a false assumption that only what can be proven is all there is.

To say there is no afterlife is like saying there is no America

For example, how do you prove that there is an America?

I’m sure many of you have been to the United States, and from the perspective of those people, you would say, “America is there.”

On the other hand, what about those who have never been to the United States?

If you’ve seen it on TV, you might think that there is indeed an America. Others may believe that America exists because of the stories of people who have been to the United States. And some people may think there is an America because they learned it in school.

If you don’t have that kind of experience and information, there is no such country as the United States.

Those who assume that there is no afterlife are the same as those who do. It’s actually there, but you merely assume it doesn’t exist because you’ve never seen it or heard of it.

Know right about the afterlife and live right

Recently, there have been many stories of near-death experiences and stories of children who have memories of previous lives, and many such cases have come up, so more and more people are realizing that there may indeed be an afterlife.

In fact, from the point of view of those who have already returned to the other world, it is a matter of course that there is an afterlife, and that is where they live their lives. From their point of view, the fact that this world existed is more vague and becomes a distant memory.

This is because the time spent living in the afterlife will be overwhelmingly longer. Generally speaking, many people will be living in the other world for several hundred years before they are born again.

The afterlife is not something suspicious or anything, it is a world that exists as a matter of course, just as the world exists. When you die, everyone moves on there, and it’s not something to be afraid of or anything.

If you know the afterlife correctly, there is nothing to be afraid of. Know right and live right. That is the most important thing, isn’t it?