The Truth about the Relationship between Parents and Children

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Can’t a child choose his or her parents?

It’s sometimes said, “A child cannot choose his/her parents.

Some people may think that a child can’t choose what kind of parent he or she is born to, but that’s not true.

There is no such thing as parenthood between people who are not related to each other at all. They have made promises to each other in the spiritual world before they are born, and they will decide for themselves who to parent. Therefore, “the child chooses the parent”.

On the other hand, it also means that parents have made a commitment to their children. Some may say, “Parents can’t choose their children,” but that’s not true either.

As a way to repay those who have been kind to you in your past life

There are several patterns of what kind of person you want to be a parent to.

For example, there is a person who has been very kind to you in a past life and you want to return the favor. In such cases, you may want to return the favor by becoming a parent to that person.

Raising a child can be very hard in some ways. Unlike other animals, human parenting takes nearly 20 years to reach adulthood. In the meantime, it takes a lot of time and energy to continue to pour out love and care for them, of course, but you’re thanking them by giving them that.

In a past life, you were a parent and a child

Also, there are many cases where it was a parent-child relationship in past lives. Some people may say that because they were born as a child and taken care of last time, they will be taken care of this time as a parent. We may repay each other with gratitude by being born into such a family.

Born as the child of a person who plans to have a job he or she wants to have in the future

There are also cases where they plan to be born as the child of someone who is planning to be in that profession.

For example, if you are planning to be a musician at this time in your life and you are born as the child of someone who is going to be a musician. If you are in the same profession as your parents, it is easier for them to understand and know about the job.

“I heard you were born a musician this time. If you don’t mind, I’d like you to make me a child. I want to live a lifetime of being a musician in this life, too, and deepen my soul learning.”

“Oh, I see.When I was born in XX, you were very kind to me. If you don’t mind if I’m your parent, by all means be my child.”

They may have asked or been asked of each other before they were born like that.

Parents and children are bound together by an invisible thread

In other cases, it is said that the souls have similar tendencies and are drawn to each other to become a parent and child, and in other cases, a higher-level divine spirit becomes a parent and child in order to accomplish a plan.

In any case, once we are born into this world, we almost never remember that we made such a promise, but the relationship between parent and child is not a coincidence. People who are bound together by an invisible thread are born to each other as parents and children.

Therefore, we should be grateful to each other and try to live our lives by helping each other if there is a problem.