Why we’re born with a disability

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Why we’re born with a disability

Why is there such a thing as a disability or handicap?

There are several cases of why a person is born with a disability.

In any case, most disabilities don’t happen by chance. It has been his or her plan to be born with such a body.

The first is the reaping of karma

The first case is that one is born with a disability for the reaping of karma.

Karma is one’s assignment or homework from a past life.

It is created when what you have done is contrary to the thought of love.

For example, it may be an extreme example, but let’s say you’ve killed many people in your past life.

In that case, you, as a child of God, would feel very sorry for those people, and you would have to make amends for them in some way.

For this reason, we plan our lives in environments and settings where we will suffer ourselves, so that we can reap the karma and be born this time.

And in some cases, by having the physical phenomenon of disability, karma is dissolved in one fell swoop. They are born with a disability, knowing that they will go through a lot of pain and suffering themselves.

The first case of why one is born with a disability is the reaping of such karma.

The second is a mission to be a light in the world

The second case is not for the reaping of karma, but to be the light of the world. We are sometimes born with a disability as a mission to shine light on the world through our own existence.

For example, a person named Helen Keller is a case in point.
If you’re born with the great suffering of triple suffering, it’s a life of despair if you think about it normally.

I think if you imagine a little, you can feel it, but you can’t see it and you can’t hear it.And in that state of not being able to speak, in a sense, being trapped in total darkness, what is really important to us as children of God? I believe that Helen Keller was the one who demonstrated this.

Helen Keller was told that no matter how broken the body may be, spirituality is the divinity of man, and the body is the clothing that wears it.

In this way, she lived a life that gave hope to people with disabilities and was a great light to society.

The second case is that people with disabilities are born with such a mission.

Third, in a rare case, an unfortunate accident in the process of being born

And the third case can be a case of an unfortunate accident.

Although this is a rare case, there are certain accidents in pregnancy and childbirth.

There can be trouble in the mother’s belly or accidents during childbirth. In other words, it’s a case of being born with a disability like an accident.

You are never unhappy when you know that you made it

With the exception of the rare case of an accident, all of these cases have been planned by ourselves.

We are born with a disability for the purpose of taking a soul leap, knowing that it will be a hard and painful life.

This may seem like an unwillingness on the part of the person in question. And you may find yourself resenting those around you and resenting your own life.

But when you know that it is your creation, you are never unhappy. Of course, it may be difficult to accept this honestly, but it is actually the truth.

If so, then how do we live in such a physical environment?

God will never give us an insurmountable trial. Find hope in the midst of despair and live.

Won’t that be when the light of being a child of God shines through?