How to live without worrying about what others think of you

Life's Troubles

The pain of living driven by what people think of you

Many people have a hard time living their lives because they are worried about what people think of them and are constantly looking at the faces of those around them.

You don’t want people to hate you, so you do all the things that they want you to do. You are always worrying about what they think of you, so you get tired and can’t expose your true self. I’m sure there are people who have this problem.

How can you live your life without worrying about what others think of you?

The first thing you have to do is accept your own immaturity

Most of these problems are caused by not wanting to see what’s wrong with you, what’s immature about you, and not being able to accept it for yourself in the first place.

I think one solution is for you to acknowledge and accept the parts of yourself that you don’t like and that are in the shadows.

When you learn to accept the darker parts of yourself that are in the shadows, as if they are part of you, you will be able to express your “true self” without worrying about what other people think of you. Then you won’t have to worry about what others think of you.

Not being able to express your true self is the flip side of not wanting to be denied or disliked by others. If you can accept your faults and inexperience and admit that this is who you are, you won’t care what others think of you.

Expose your immaturity as it is

It’s okay to be immature in some ways. It’s okay to expose your immaturity to people as it is. It’s not about protecting yourself; it’s about exposing the fact that this is who you are now, no matter what people think of you, which in turn will protect you.

As long as you are denying yourself, you will be worried about what people think of you. Instead of looking at the people around you, you need to look at yourself, accept yourself and affirm who you are, no matter what you are.

When you truly believe that this is who you are, this is your personality, this is your irreplaceable self, then the voices around you will not bother you as much as they should.

There is no one in this universe who doesn’t need to exist

Each one of us is irreplaceable, and no one in the universe needs to exist. No one is worthless. Human beings are already of great value just as they are and have a unique role to play in this world.
We live together to help each other, not to humiliate each other, not to pull each other down, but to compensate for our shortcomings.

If we live with that in mind, we can see the beauty of our differences and not live in fear of what others will think of us.

Listen to your heart and live for the happiness of more people

No matter what people think of you, at the end of the day, if you listen to what your heart really wants and remember to keep a loving perspective on whether or not you can make more people happy, it doesn’t matter what people think of you.

If we don’t fear being hurt, accept our immaturity, and stop judging ourselves, we can live our lives as our life-size selves without being needlessly swayed by the voices around us.

Instead of being influenced by what others think of you, you can first accept your weaknesses and embarrassment in their entirety and live out your life for the happiness of others with what you can do, because no one is perfect.

As you do this, your worries about what people think of you will be blown away.