The Meaning of Life – Love, Soul and Happy –

Why do People Live?

What is the meaning of life?

What is the meaning of life? This is a question we have all asked ourselves at one time or another.

Thinking about the meaning of life is not because we don’t have enough experience, nor is it a waste of time.

However, no matter how much you research on the internet or read books, you may find that what is written there are tips on how to live well and how to avoid failure, but not on why people live. Some people may even think that if there is no point in living, they would be willing to die.

If you are a child and you ask your parents or the adults around you, “What is the meaning of life?” Most adults might reply, “You don’t have to think about that, just do your homework,” or “Adults are too busy to think about such things.”

That means that adults have never thought about the meaning of life, or they have thought about it but don’t really know what it means, and they can’t answer that question because they don’t know the answer.

People live to learn to love

The meaning of man’s life is “to learn to love”. Love is not just about love between a man and a woman, but people live to learn how to love and make many people happy.

For example, isn’t it human nature that we learn to love in our daily lives by feeling the love from our parents and getting to know our friends? I believe that in real life we are learning how to make people happy.

As members of society, some of us may be so busy with our daily work that we can’t even think about the meaning of life. You may have to earn money in order to live and provide for your children.

But in the midst of it all, people learn that living for the happiness of the people around them, not for themselves, is what really makes them happy and returns it to them.

We are born to grow our souls

The meaning of life means the same thing as the question “Why are we born?” Why do you think you were born?

No one is born by chance; everyone is born because they came into this world and had something they wanted to learn. We are born to grow our souls so that through that learning we can enrich our souls and do greater love. So another way of saying the meaning of life is “to grow the soul”.

For this purpose, we make plans for this life in the other world, make promises to our parents, and draw a blueprint for our life – who we will meet, what kind of work we will do, and how we will live our lives – before we are born.

Of course, the blueprint may not always turn out the way you envisioned, but it will never be in vain, no matter how you live your life. We don’t end when we die, life is eternal and our souls will not disappear.

Learn to love and live to make people happy

We are the ones who live to learn love, to make people happy, and to grow our souls. That is the true meaning of life and the meaning of being born.