Death Is Not Scary

Eternal Soul

Do We End Up As Nothing After Dying?

Some people may think that when we die, we become nothing, that we cease to exist. However, this is not true. Death is not the end of everything.

The reason why people think that death is the end is because of the idea that the body is everything and matter is everything. This is an idea that is completely without the mind and soul, and does not capture the truth.

Death Does Not End A Man’s Life

Human life does not end when we die, but our soul continues to live on after leaving the body. The body is not who we are, but the soul is who we are. The true nature of a person is the soul. The soul can think and feel, and the consciousness remains the same. However, since we don’t have a body, we can’t touch the things of this world.

The existence of a dead person seems to have become invisible and disappeared from the eyes of those who have a physical body. However, although they are invisible to the eyes of the physical body, they are certainly alive and their existence is not extinguished.

The Reason Why We Can Say That People Don’t Die

Some people say, “You can’t know what will happen to you when you die,” or “How can you say such a thing if you have never experienced it?”

Death is the separation of the soul from the body. Strictly speaking, it is the breaking of the silver cord that connects the soul to the body. Actually, even if the silver cord is not broken, everyone experiences the separation of the soul from the body every day. We are just not aware of it.

For example, we sleep every day, right? During sleep, the soul leaves the body, returns to the other world, recharges its energy, and then returns to the body.

Many of the dreams that we have during sleep are actually experienced when we are returning to the other world. It’s just that when we wake up, it’s often vague and we don’t remember much about it.

It can be said that people have such experiences every day so that they can return to the other world smoothly after death, and so that they do not forget about the other world and that they themselves are spiritual beings.

The Physical Body Is Like A Clothing That The Soul Wears

For those who have had the experience of astral projection, where you are staring at your own body from the air, you will realize how much the body is like a piece of clothing.

There is an anecdote that Socrates stood on the roadside and did not move for days. It is said that he was actually astral projection, going to the other world and talking to people in the other world.

You may be wondering, “After astral projection, won’t we lose track of where our physical body was and not be able to return to it?” However, this is not the truth. However, this is not the truth, because the soul is connected to the body by the silver cord, and can follow it back to the body.

In the case of a person whose soul has left the body and come to the other world, the silver cord like a silver thread is attached to the head, so when people in the other world see it, they will know that this person has come from the ground.

Death Is When We Return To Our True Form

Death is not something to be feared, nor is it something that is incomprehensible. Death is not something to be feared or incomprehensible. It is rather a joyous occasion when the soul inhabiting the body sheds the body and returns to its original free world called the other world.

It does not mean that everything ends when we die. Human beings will continue to live as their original souls with the memories they had before. Death is not something to be afraid of.