What Is True Success In Life? – The Meaning Of Life From A Spiritual Perspective

Eternal Soul

What Does Success In Life Mean?

What do you consider “success” in life?

When asked to “think of someone you envy,” the person who comes to mind is probably close to your image of a successful person.

For example, someone who earns a lot of money from work, can afford any expensive things, has social status, and lives a glamorous life.

Some people may have that image when they hear the word success.

However, when I think about success in life, I believe that it is inseparable from the purpose of life and the meaning of birth.

In other words, it is necessary to view success in life based on spiritual values.

Growth And Evolution Of The Soul Is True Success In Life

Why are we born into this world and why do we each live a lifetime?

In a word, it is for the growth and evolution of our souls.
Not only for ourselves, of course, but also for how we can contribute to the growth and evolution of the souls of others.

It is to contribute to the progress of the global human race. And, to put it another way, it is also about whether or not you are contributing to the growth and evolution of the entire macrocosm, which may be a rather big story.

It may be difficult to have such a large perspective, but I wonder if our souls are being refined and growing as individuals as we go about our daily lives.

Each soul has its own history. Each of us is born into this world with our own challenges, all for the sake of our own spiritual growth and evolution.

In this sense, I believe that if one achieves growth and evolution as a soul, that is true success in life.

It’s All About One Thing: Love

So what exactly is the growth and evolution of the soul? What makes the soul grow and evolve?

There are several aspects, but I think the most important aspect is “love.” To see someone else’s suffering as one’s own and to want to relieve that suffering is also love. To help those in need. To forgive without judging. Wishing for the happiness of others and being of service to them. These are love.

Love is such selfless thoughts and concrete actions. Without practice, it cannot be called love.

However, usually the scope of that love is limited to oneself, one’s family, and friends.

The more we grow and evolve spiritually, the greater the scope of that love becomes.

There is no such thing as discriminating, “I love this person, but not that person.” Even if it is a stranger who you think has nothing to do with you, you feel as if they are your brothers or sisters as children of the same God. You will feel a greater sense of what you can do for that person’s happiness.

The ultimate is the love of God in the macrocosm. God does not judge at all, but continues to nurture, bless, and love all things in the Universe.

This is true not only for us human beings, but also for animals, plants, and the stars. God envelops everything that exists in the Universe with love and watches over us with warmth and tenderness.

We have a long way to go to reach such an overwhelming expanse and depth of love. However, I believe that it is the growth and evolution of the soul to be able to love and make more people happy in such a direction.

Self-Building And Discovering Individuality

I mentioned that soul growth and evolution is all about love. It takes that much effort to become the kind of person who can make more people happy. This is what we call “self-building”.

This includes improving our humanity and character, as well as our abilities and skills. It is also about reading books to gain knowledge, and listening to stories to broaden one’s horizons.

How can we contribute to the happiness of people in this world by building ourselves in these ways? What kind of love can we express?

What each of us can do is different. Each of us has a different personality as a soul.

In this light, I believe that self-discovery is very important.

By looking deeply inside yourself, you will be able to realize how you can use your individuality in this world.

It is not easy to know. But God created each of us with a unique individuality embedded in each of us. 100 people have 100 different personalities, all of which are irreplaceable.

And as we begin to find greatness in ourselves, we will begin to find greatness in others.

Even if one person cannot do it alone, we can say that each of us can use our own greatness to complement and cooperate with each other, thereby contributing to the happiness of many more people.

Toward A World Full Of Love And Harmony

Success in life is not something that is limited only to material wealth in this world. I believe that it should be viewed from the perspective of the soul, given that human beings are spiritual beings by nature.

No matter how much money one has or how high one’s status or honor, such things alone will not fill one’s heart with true happiness. There will still be an emptiness somewhere.

We should live for the happiness of more people, not only ourselves, and make this society and this world more filled with love and harmony.

And eventually contribute not only to the Earth, but also to other stars in the Universe. To become helpful to the evolution of the entire macrocosm.

I believe that there is no end to the evolution and growth of the soul.