Discovering the Evolution of the Soul

Eternal Soul

The evolution of the soul can be found in the “amount of light”

How can we determine the evolution of the soul?

We can say that it is “the amount of light”.

By looking at the amount of light that a person is emitting, we can tell how far they have evolved.

In the other world, this can be easily discerned, but in this world, it is difficult to discern unless you can see in the spirit.

Nevertheless, even for those who are in this world, the amount of light will increase as the soul’s cultivation progresses. That is what is called “halo”.

As the soul cultivation stage progresses, a “halo” will appear

Often in religious paintings or paintings of angels, the head of a person is surrounded by a round light like a plate, and this is exactly what is depicted.

Some statues of the Buddha represent this kind of halo, don’t they?

In fact, from a person with spiritual vision, it seems that the halo is indeed a round circle of light shining in a golden color.

In other words, the bigger that halo is, the greater the halo, the more advanced the soul’s evolution is.

When you feel a halo in your daily life

Even if we are not able to have a psychic vision, we may feel light emanating from people in our daily lives.

For example, when you see that person enter a room, you suddenly feel brightened, or when you meet that person, you feel energized.

That’s how you know.

A halo is the light of God

The light of halo is the light of God.

If you live with a mind that is in tune with God’s love, you will receive more and more of God’s light.

However, if you are filled with ego and selfish thoughts that are the opposite of love, they will become clouds in your mind and block God’s light.

Therefore, we need to increase the size of our soul’s capacity to accept God’s light as much as possible without creating a cloud in our minds.

That is how we evolve as souls.