The meaning of the Challenges We Face in Life

Life's Troubles

The challenges we face in life are abrasive that make our souls shine round

I think we all have life challenges that we face in our lives, and sometimes we have a difficult experience at one time or another.

It is a challenge for us as souls, and there are life’s challenges to make up for the parts of the round soul that are dented or bent to make it original and round, to make up for the parts that are lacking for that soul and to make it balanced.

When such things come to us, it is actually a very joyous thing to do. We have to make various plans and meet the people we need to meet and set up those situations in order to get that learning experience. You may not want to go through that kind of painful experience, but soul-wise, it is the time you have been waiting for.

If you can’t complete the task, then you will have to create a similar situation in your life to see if you can complete it again. That means that you will be facing the same kind of challenges for a long time unless you clear them.

As a soul, we already know the answer to that question. We also know what it takes to actually clear it. Whether or not we can express it as a deed within the limited environment of the physical body. If you can do that, then you are considered to have completed your task as a soul. Balancing the soul in this way will lead to the evolution of the soul.

Just as the stars in the universe are round in shape, the soul is a round light itself. There are various life experiences that make the soul so round and beautiful, and it is like polishing a diamond. It hurts when you’re polishing it, but after you’re done polishing it, it’s shiny and bright.