Wisdom Stored in the Soul – Prajna Paramita –

Eternal Soul

The soul has wisdom from past lives stored in it

Before this life, there are past lives. Our souls are eternal beings that live on for thousands, tens of thousands, and hundreds of millions of years.

In Buddhism, the wisdom that we learned and accumulated in past lives when we were born on the ground is called “Prajna Paramita”, and in each one of us there is something like a treasure sleeping in our hearts, in a sense.

The Prajna Paramita is in the subconscious mind.When the cloudiness of the remembrance area between the manifest and subconscious mind is removed, it will come out.

Prajna Paramita is given by inspiration from the guardian spirit

When we are usually living, Prajna Paramita is given to us in the form of inspiration from the guardian spirit.

The guardian spirit is always with you, watching and working with you to guide you at all times.
However, our thoughts as we live in this world are going in different directions at all times of the day and we are not always in communication with our guardian spirit.

Reflect on whether our own thoughts and actions are in line with the direction of God’s love. With such reflection, we humbly apologize to God for what we did wrong.
By doing so, we remove the cloudiness of the remembrance area and and when we are practicing love, we are more likely to communicate with our guardian spirit and receive inspiration.

What we learn in past lives will be helpful to us forever

And as that state progresses, you may be able to talk to your guardian spirit. But not every thing becomes possible.

The person will be able to use the Prajna Paramita that he or she has accumulated in past lives, and of course, he or she cannot use anything that he or she does not have.

The learning of past lives is not a one-time thing; it is something that will continue to be helpful in the flow of eternal life.