The True Nature Of Human Beings Is The Spirit, Not The Body

Eternal Soul

The True Nature Of Human Beings Is The Spirit, Not The Body

I think everyone has a moment in their life when their sense of value changes drastically from what it was before. It is a new world that is completely different from the one we have seen before.

One such moment for me was when I realized that the spirit is the true nature of human beings. I used to think that this body was me, and that once I died and my body was burned, everything would be over. But the truth is not so.

When I had the experience of getting out of my body before, I thought that the body is not my true self, but that I exist and live even without the body.

I was sleeping in my room at night, and as I left my body, I saw several round golden balls of light that were watching me warmly. That’s what I call a soul, and a soul is really a round light itself.

Then I went back to my body like I was being sucked into a vacuum cleaner, but the balls of light there were not visible to my physical eyes. There was only the usual shelf in the room, and the round light that I had seen earlier was no longer there.

This experience was a great opportunity for me to change my way of life and my sense of values.

I came to believe that death is not something to be feared. I also came to believe that when I die, I will become my original form of spirit and continue to live. And I am no longer in a hurry to live.

The spirit is the true self of a person, and life is the fertilization of the soul, and we have various experiences with the body for the growth of the soul.