Secrets of the Gods of Religions Revealed


What is God?

The question, “What is God?” is one that mankind has pursued throughout its long history. When we look up the word “God,” we are told that it is something revered and awe-inspiring as an object of faith, a being that transcends humanity.

God is commonly seen as a great being, beyond us.

The God of Monotheism and the God of Polytheism

How is God perceived in each religion?

For example, Christianity says that the Creator of all things is God. And it was a being called Yahweh that Jesus Christ called ” the Father God”. Even in Judaism, Yahweh is the only God. And in Islam, it is a being called Allah who is the object of belief as God.

These three religions are monotheistic and have a form of belief in one God.

On the other hand, polytheistic religions are said to have many gods.

For example, in Japanese Shinto, nature itself is a manifestation of God, and the existence of God is acknowledged in everything, including natural phenomena such as weather and geography and topography. You have been called “the eight million gods”.

Among them, Amaterasu Omikami is known as the presiding deity, and is a familiar deity to us Japanese.

The gods of each religion are the leaders and teachers of humanity

When there are so many beings called gods, whether they are monotheistic or polytheistic, it may be hard to understand what they are, but they are the leaders and high-level spirits of the people of the Earth. They are like teachers who share the responsibility of guiding each of the people in an area of the Earth.

These teachers are good friends and they are watching over and guiding the people living on the ground from the heavenly world together. It is only the people on the ground who are fighting and quarreling with each other, and none of the teachers want that to happen.

Jesus Christ, Moses, and Muhammad are leaders of the Earth, sent by God to teach and guide people through their personalities. It is the same with those called Buddha and Confucius. The fact is that in the East, in Buddhism and Confucianism, many people have come to know God’s teachings and have taken them as a lesson for their souls.

The founders of these religions, which have been around for thousands of years, are, in a sense, close to God. They are God’s messengers.

But they are not God Himself, even though they are close to God. God is not the kind of being that dwells in man in that way.

God is the energy of love itself that fills the universe

God is the energy of love itself that created this great universe. It is the energy of love that creates, keeps alive and nurtures everything that exists in this universe. The beings that we human beings have worshipped as gods in our respective religions and other religions are the leaders of the Earth with personalities and teachers who are good friends with each other. The original God is the energy of love that fills this universe.

From that energy of love, everything has been divided and individualized, and each of us has become an individual. Everything has the same love energy as God and exists as part of God. Everything exists as a child of God, as something connected by the energy of love.

The role of religions so far has been to help us realize this. All religions are under one God, and each religion teaches different aspects of the teachings of the one God.

There is one God of the universe and all are part of God

There is one God in this universe.

The energy of love itself, which is beyond the personality, is the entity called God, and everything that exists in this universe is a part of God.

When we understand this, there is no need for the religions of the past anymore. All religions will be unified under the one God of the universe.