Are science and religion incompatible?


Are science and religion incompatible?

What do you think of science and faith?

Many people may think that they are completely different.

Science is objective, rational, and refers to knowledge and experience that has been codified by logic and experimentation.

Faith, on the other hand, is believing in God’s existence and living by His teachings. There, without any objective reason or evidence, is a belief or personal conviction.

These may seem incompatible at first glance. However, real scientists are often deeply religious.

Real scientists have an overwhelming amount of faith

For example, Newton was passionate about the study of Christianity, and Einstein is said to have likened science without religion to crippling and religion without science to blindness.

Also, on a highly evolved planet, scientists have an overwhelming amount of faith and encounter God in their hearts. Indeed, it can be said that they are more religious than religious people.

With each person’s enlightenment, a new vision opens

If there are limits to modern science, why is that?

That’s because they are thinking on their own, using only the laws of the Earth at the moment. This is because there is no direction to ignore the laws of God and accept the laws of the macrocosm.

Without the enlightenment of encountering God in each person’s heart, the new vision will not be opened.

The humility to give oneself before God

The genius scientists who have emerged throughout history have made new discoveries inspired by the celestial world in their deepest faith.

The inspiration that drives such times cannot come down without a humble feeling of giving oneself before God.

A person who does not have such a humble heart and becomes arrogant as a great person will, on the contrary, be led by those in the hell world and inspire evil. And then they try to fill the Earth with despair by having people kill each other in the name of religion.

In this way, there is actually a pull between light and dark.

Science is the medium of expression of God’s will

It is a mistake to believe that there is no God who is invisible to the eye because of the materialistic idea that matter is everything.

It is a false scientific belief to think that only what is visible, backed up by experiments, and proven is true.

What is science in its own right?

It is the medium through which the will of God is expressed. Science is a means of serving God.

Science is the various inventions and discoveries that God’s children make in order to facilitate their earthly practices and help them in the evolutionary development of their souls.