Beauty Is An Expression Of Love


Beauty does not show itself no matter how much you decorate or tinker only on the outside. Even if one looks beautiful at first glance by trying hard to improve one’s appearance, it is not beauty in the true sense of the word.

It is said that beauty is a form of expression of love. When love is expressed, beauty is expressed. That is to say, we feel “ah, beauty” when love, which is invisible to our eyes, is felt through visible forms.

For example, when you see a flower, no matter what kind of flower it is, small or large, what shape it is, or what color it is, don’t you think, “Ah, it is beautiful?” That is because a flower, no matter what kind of flower it is, is blooming out of love to please the viewer by blooming as best it can.

There are so many different kinds of flowers, and even though there are many different forms of expression, the reason why we feel beauty in them is because love flows through every flower, no matter which one it is. Without love, no matter how beautiful the shape or color of the flower, there is no sense of beauty.

The same is true for human beings. If their inner self is not filled with love and their hearts are not beautiful, they will not feel beauty. Even if someone is deceived by appearances and thinks they are beautiful for a moment, people will naturally discern whether or not they are truly beautiful through their interactions with that person.

In this sense, beauty is the beauty of the heart, and beauty is expressed by refining the heart. It is not to be driven by ego or selfishness, but to fill the heart with love, kindness, compassion, warm acceptance of others, and altruism.