The greatest healing is the love of God

Practice of Love

Modern society in need of healing

In today’s stressful world, I think many people are looking for “healing”.

For example, a lot of healing music is uploaded on YouTube, and on nights when I’m tired, I listen to it to relax.

Looking at the many views on that YouTube, etc., I still feel that many people, myself included, are looking for healing.

Maximum healing as a soul

Healing, at its highest degree, is the energy of love that emanates from the great universe.

It is not only the wish to keep ourselves alive, but also the wish to keep our fellow human beings, the children of God, alive together.

And, we feel for many people, sharing both joy and sorrow. We will encourage and comfort one another, sharing both happiness and pain.

We will not judge the other person at that time, but accept their whole being as it is.

When we hold hands together as part of God and as God’s children, we are healed to the utmost as souls.

Wrapping those who have been wounded emotionally and physically with love and encouragement

When you live in this world, you will experience various kinds of suffering.

For example, there will be people who are wounded in their hearts and minds or wounded in their bodies.

The healing process is to embrace them with love and encouragement.

That means reaching out to them with a gentle hand. To share means to lighten their pain and burden.

We can’t take on the suffering for them, but we can talk to them to ease their pain, even if only a little.

Everyone is a child of God, including those who are suffering from illness, and it is not something that is none of our business.

It’s not love to give up on someone by saying, “You’re on your own”

We live in an age where the word “self-responsibility” is much in vogue, but if the thought of abandoning the other person is lurking in there, it is a far cry from the feeling of love.

It is true that what we do comes back to us as per the Law of Cause and Effect. But if someone is suffering from the consequences of their actions, we can make their pain a little less. It should never be in vain to help as such.

In that way, instead of shunning them and saying it’s none of our business because they did it, we should reach out to them with a sense of solidarity as children of the same God.

I think that’s what we need to do in this day and age.

I can be there for you because we’ve been through the same pain

What makes you able to be with people’s pain and sorrow?

It is because you have experienced the same thing. That’s why we can understand the pain of others and have a sense of unity that the pain of others is also our pain. It is possible to do this.

Healing is this kind of loving heart that is with others’ pain and sorrow.

When each of us becomes someone’s healer, the suffering of many will be eased.