The seven color spectra of God’s light

Individuality of the Soul

Where does God’s light come from?

Today I want to talk about “The Light of God”. Where do you think the light of God is coming from?

In fact, it is being sent by the Sun. Just as water flows from high to low, so does the light of God flow from the Sun to the Earth.

The energy of God’s love, the light of love is sent down from the world above, and by that light, the spiritual energy, all life on the Earth is brought to life.

God’s light is spectroscopic in seven colors

The light of God, sent from the Sun, is divided into prisms in the Earth and separated into seven colored rays.

Doing the work of dividing it into its prisms is a ninth-dimensional spirit called El-Ranty or Maitreya.

The light sent from the God of the universe is sent to the Earth via the Sun, which is then divided into seven colored rays on the Earth.

Each ray is in charge of a ninth-dimensional spirit

Each ray of light divided is one part of God’s light, the mission itself.

To put it more finely, it is said that there are actually dozens of ways to go beyond the seven colors. However, when you look at the larger picture, there are roughly seven different colors.

Each ray of light is guided by a ninth-dimensional spirit, according to his own personality, in the areas in which he excels.

For example, Buddha is in charge of the golden ray, which is the law; Jesus Christ is in charge of the white ray, which is love; and Moses is in charge of the red ray, which is justice.

Others are Manu and Zeus for the green ray, which is an art, and Zeus for the blue ray, which is a philosophy or intellect. In addition, the purple ray of order and civility is handled by Confucius and the silver ray of science by Newton.

In the spirit world, we live in the color of each ray

Each ninth-dimensional spirit sends down a ray of light into the Earth that it is in charge of.

Therefore, it can be said that in the spirit world, which is the other world, each of us belongs to one of the rays of light according to our individuality. Each spirit person chooses the color of the ray and lives in it.

In this way, God’s light, which is the light of God, is separated into seven colors by a prism in the Earth, and then the guiding spirits of the Earth separate each color according to its individuality and bring it down to the world below.