Goodness Is Living According To God’s Will

Children of God

Goodness Comes Down To One Thing, Whether Or Not It Is God’s will

Goodness is said to mean what is right and moral, but where is the criterion for judging goodness?

It is not a human standard that says “this is good” or “that is bad,” but the true goodness is whether or not it is in accordance with God’s will.

For example, if our daily thoughts, words, and actions are in line with God’s will, they are good. When God’s thoughts and our own thoughts are in alignment, what comes out of them and through us can only be good. This is because God is the supreme good being.

“Live well,” Said Socrates

There was a Greek philosopher named Socrates. Socrates said, “Do not just live, but live well.” What does “live well” mean? It means to live according to the will of God.

We tend to live selfishly and without consideration, but we should know where God’s thoughts are, know what kind of heart God has, and live in accordance with those thoughts.

It is not difficult or complicated. What God wants us to do is to realize and be aware of our true nature, to love one another, and to live our lives expressing love as God’s children.

Love is not an egoistic desire to be good enough for ourselves, but a desire to help each other live, to accept our differences, to appreciate each other’s good qualities, and to cooperate with each other. To live such love is to live well.

God Is Love And Everyone Is Part Of God’s Love

God is love, and we are all a part of that love, and everyone is a part of God.

When we realize what kind of beings we were originally created to be and let love sparkle, the thoughts, words, and actions that emerge should point in the same direction as the thoughts of God’s love.

If they are in the opposite direction, they are called evil, but this does not mean that evil was originally created as evil in the universe.

God’s World Is Only Light

In God’s world there is only good. There is only light. Why, then, is there evil and why is there darkness?

It is not God’s will that there is darkness against light or evil against good, but originally everything is light and good. We are all created and exist as beings of light.

God gave us absolute free will, leaving each of us free to think and do whatever we want. Darkness and evil are simply the abuse of that free will that clouds our own light and causes us to forget our true nature.

When They Remove The Cloudiness From The Mind Of Even The Most Evil Person, Light Will Overflow

Just as a window pane gets dirty from rain and dust, but once the dirt is removed, the pane becomes clear and light shines through it, so too, our hearts, once the ego stain is removed, light shines out from within and overflows.

This is because we are all light itself, without exception, separated from God, and no matter how evil we may seem to be, we have God’s light inside of us. It is only that we have forgotten how to shine it, and when we remove the clouds, it will begin to shine again.

God has no desire to judge evil for evil. God has no such feelings at all, and He warmly watches over all of God’s children, wishing them to return to the original nature of love, to the original nature of light.

Goodness Is Expressed Through Each Individual’s Way Of Life

Goodness is expressed through the way each of us lives.

It is all about whether or not our thoughts and actions in our daily lives are in line with the thoughts of God’s love, and whether or not we can live our lives shining with love as beings of light given by God. This is what is ultimately expressed as goodness.