The Circle of Happiness in the Universe

Practice of Love

Love is infinitely expansive to the universe at large

When you think of “love,” what immediately comes to mind may be love between a man and a woman, but love is much broader and deeper than that.

Love for family and friends. Love for colleagues. Love for society. To expand it further, it is love for the Earth. And love for the Universe.

This universe itself is a manifestation of God’s love, and each one of us is a being of love who has been given a share of God’s love energy. Love is limitless and infinite.

The thought of monopoly is not love

Love is the opposite of monopoly. Sharing, not monopoly, is love. Buying all the food and other things you can buy because you think it is good for you is not love. If you buy more than you need, you will cause others to be in trouble. If we lose the desire to help each other, we will suffer more and more in fear and trepidation.

And if, for example, you refuse to allow others to use what you know as your own personal possession, that is not love either. By sharing, you offer your knowledge and expertise to others if it is beneficial to them as well. In that way, we should all improve together and as a whole, which is the direction of love.

Love flows through relationships with people and happiness is born

When you are working at a company, there are times when someone who is not familiar with the operation of a computer comes up to you and asks you for some help. In such cases, how would you respond to them? Do you give them a disapproving look, saying, “I’m too busy.” Do you become unhappy because you think it takes up your time?

If that’s the case, don’t make a bad face, but be happy to teach them.If you put on an air of annoyance, it will surely get through to them and they won’t have to ask for help again. And the people around you will feel somewhat uncomfortable and will not be as happy as they should be.

That doesn’t make anyone happy. Not only can’t you and the people around you be happy, but you can’t be happy yourself. People are able to feel happiness in their relationships with others, and you cannot feel happiness if you are confined to your own world.

What you do to others will always come back to you someday

However, I am not saying that it is love to respond to the needs of others in any way. If someone is in need, just help them as much as you can, and do so comfortably.

If you know that what you do for others will always come back to you one day, you won’t feel like you’re missing out.

Of course, it is not true love to make love by asking for something in return. Love dies as soon as it asks for something in return. The love you give to others will never disappear; it will come to you in the form of a greater love.

Let’s start playing catch-up with love

It’s about sharing with an open mind instead of trying to protect yourself from being at a disadvantage. It’s about catching each other’s love. If we throw the ball of love, the other person will throw the ball of love back to us.

All you need to do to be happy is not so difficult. If you throw love at them, they will love you back. On the other hand, if you direct hostility at them, they will return hostility. That’s all there is to it. If you know this fact and put it into practice in your daily life, you can truly feel the joy of living together.

Let’s start catching up with love today.