God Within Our Hearts

Children of God

God Is Not Far Away

God is not somewhere far away or high up, but is immanent through our divinity. God is in the heart, and each of us encounters Him in our own heart.

There is no one in this Universe who is not connected to God. Each person is a manifestation of God and exists as a part of the God in this Universe. Everyone is directly connected to God, and as we ask ourselves what kind of being we are, we encounter God.

“What kind of mission and role have I been given and created to play in this Universe?”
In the process of figuring this out, we can sense the thoughts of God and return to our true selves.

We must realize what God wants us to do, and live our lives with our own existence shining to the fullest for that purpose. Each one of us is directly connected to God, and each one of us, as a small Universe, makes God’s thoughts and God’s wishes shine as our thoughts and our wishes. Each person meets God in their heart, calls out to God, and lives with God.

In the coming space age, there will be no other way to live or be. This is the simplest, yet most essential thing that will permeate the human beings in the future.