To those who think God is unequal

Life's Troubles

Is poverty and bad looks unequal?

“Why was I born into such a poor family?”

“Why is my appearance inferior to that of my friends and why are my looks so bad?”

“Why is God so unfair to humans?”

Some people may think so.

Some people have been blessed from birth with a good financial background and physical appearance, while others have a poor home and lack confidence in their appearance.

At that time, they may feel like they are resenting God. But that’s not because God is unequal.

We are born with such a life planned for ourselves. That is the only reason.

You’ve chosen that it’s best for your soul’s learning

It is to meet the challenges of our own souls and to grow.

God did not tell us to be born in these conditions, but to be born in such conditions ourselves. We have chosen a starting point. We have chosen and been born with the choice that it is best for our souls to learn.

From the point of view of us being souls with eternal life, being fortunate in terms of money and looks is not necessarily a good thing.

For example, when a person was in a wealthy environment in a past life, he or she may have caused a lot of people to suffer because of the false belief that money is all that matters.

If the person had such an experience in a past life, he or she may want to be born in a slightly poorer environment this time around and make a plan for life to cultivate his or her soul.

For example, a woman who was born with beautiful looks in a past life may have misled and tormented many men and degraded her own soul.

In that case, she may choose to be born with a less fortunate appearance in her next life because she doesn’t want to do such a thing anymore.

That life is what you’ve wanted

You may be frustrated with your life compared to the people around you and wonder why you are living the way you are, but that life is what you want to be living.

So, learn a lot from this life. Deepen your soul’s learning through that experience.

God is watching over you with love. Whatever you are, God loves you.

It fills you with gratitude, not complaint

You may think this is a terrible life.

But that life is worth gold to you. There is a really great value in it that can’t be replaced by anything else.

Realize this and embrace your life in its entirety.

Then the dissatisfaction in your life will disappear and your heart will be filled with gratitude to God for the gift of life.

God is not unequal or unfair; He loves all of His children equally.

We are not to blame God for our own lives, but to savor this life that we have decided to live! Learn all you can.

When you think that, you will see a brighter hope, not despair, in front of you.