The Secret to Success in Life

Life's Troubles

Causes of failure in life

What do you think it is that causes us to fail in life?

It is the loss of humility. When we lose our humility, we begin to take steps toward falling.

For example, we overestimate ourselves because of our status, honor and knowledge. And when someone doesn’t recognize you, you see them as the enemy and attack them.

That is not a humble form of humility.

‘Am I that great a person?’

‘There’s always a higher upside-down, and for those people, I’m still just an immature child.’

‘I used to pride myself on being somewhat of a man, but I’m not perfect.’

‘There’s a part of me that’s lacking, and that’s something I can learn from any person, regardless of whether they’re above or below me.’

‘Isn’t it really important to be willing to learn from anything?’

Some people will change their way of life and become successful with this in mind.

Why is humility so important?

So why do such humble people become successful?

It is because humility is the key to drawing out the wisdom inherent in our own hearts.

The life we are living now is only one point in time.

But our lives do not end at a single point; there are billions and billions of lives before that point. Those points are connected together to form a single line that makes up our lives.

There is a lot of wisdom buried deep within us that we have learned and accumulated through our past lives.

However, that wisdom does not come to the surface easily. It’s locked and difficult to come out.

Inherent wisdom springs forth through humility

What unlocks that key? It is humility.

On the other hand, what is it that closes that key? It is the arrogance that makes you great. If you have that arrogance, you are putting a lid on that wisdom and locking it away.

When you unlock that stored wisdom, you can find any number of answers and solutions to life’s problems in the form of inspiration. They are the lessons and teachings of our past lives and the answers to the love we are learning through an uninterrupted lifetime.

Continuing to live with a humble heart is the secret to truly succeeding in life.