Is lying wrong?

How to Live a Happy Life

The Accumulation of Lies Will Eventually Hurt You

I’ve lied before in my life.

But when I tell a lie, it always goes wrong afterwards, strangely enough.

Once we lie, we have to repeat the lie for the sake of the lie.
Why do we lie?

Lies, after all, come from a sense of self-preservation.

“I want to make myself look good.”

“I don’t want to get angry.”

Most of the time, it’s for self-preservation.

Even if it seems like you can get away with it at the time, as the law of cause and effect states, there will always be repercussions later on.

In other words, if you lie, you will end up hurting yourself.

Since I realized this, I have stopped lying.

However, not all lies are bad.

Lying that is not for self-protection but for the benefit of the other person may be a good thing, depending on the occasion.

However, I believe that the principle of life is not to lie to protect oneself.

The consequences of our thoughts and deeds will be passed on not only in this life, but also in the next.