How Can One Feel Happiness?

How to Live a Happy Life

“Happiness” Is Not The Same As “Satisfaction”

When does a person experience happiness?

Is it, for example, when you eat a lot of good food on an empty stomach? That may be so. Or when you spend sweet time with an charming partner? That may be so, too.

Although we may get temporary satisfaction by satisfying our desires in such a way, I do not think it can be said that this is true happiness.

Even if there is a temporary satisfaction, after a while the unfulfilled desire will arise again, and it is like a cat-and-mouse game.

Once Felt, Happiness Drives The Next

Then, when I think about what true happiness is, I think it is something that is felt when we are useful to someone else.

Some may ask, “How can I get happiness from that?” Some may wonder. However, human beings are created to act for the happiness of someone else, not themselves, and to feel happiness welling up in their hearts when they are of use to someone else. And that feeling of happiness, once felt, remains forever and never goes away.

When you think back on that moment, you can say, “Ah, that time I was appreciated by that person, and I was able to contribute to that person’s happiness. It was good.” You can feel that again and again. And with that sense of happiness, you can think about doing your best to contribute to the happiness of others.

There are still many people in the world who live their lives for their own happiness, eager to take advantage of themselves. I have said repeatedly that living for the happiness of others and being appreciated by others is not hypocrisy or a pretty word, but a very simple and uncomplicated truth.

It doesn’t matter how trivial it is, whether it is giving up your seat on the train, giving directions to someone who is lost, or making a donation to someone who is in financial need.

And if that person says, “Thank you,” then along with the realization that you have done something helpful, a warm feeling will well up in your heart, and you will feel, “Oh, that was good.”

People Can Feel Their Self-Worth When They Are Appreciated

What people can do and what they want to do may differ. It doesn’t matter what it is, first try to do what you can do to help someone else be happy. Then, when the other person thanks you and you feel that you have helped them, a feeling of happiness is born. And not only that, it also gives people a sense of the value of their own existence.

There are people in the world who believe that they have no existence value. The reason for this belief is that they live only for themselves. Such people are self-contained in their lives.

A self-contained life does not make people truly happy. When you help others in your own way, and when they thank you and say, “Thank you,” then you can feel that your existence has meaning. It is only then that you realize that you have the power to make others happy.

It is often said that human beings cannot live alone.

In our interactions with others, we will sometimes get hurt, and we will sometimes have bad feelings. Still, even while being hurt, try to live for someone else’s happiness without being afraid of getting hurt. To take that first step. I think that is what is really important.

Happiness cannot be felt if there is only one being in this world, yourself. Once you understand that, you will be grateful for the existence of other people in the world.

People Are Not Created To Live Only For Themselves And Feel Happy

We were not created to live only for ourselves and feel happiness. Living only for ourselves in this way will eventually lead to an empty heart and will always result in losing sight of the path.

Instead, we need to make a 180-degree turn in our way of life. By living not for our own benefit, but with altruism in mind, the result is that we will be grateful, happiness will well up in our hearts, and we will also feel the value of our own existence.