Beliefs in Line with God’s Thoughts

Why do People Live?

Can you have faith in God’s thoughts?

It is very important to have a belief in something. It is said that “even a single-minded belief can penetrate a rock”, and holding on to a strong belief will clear the way for you.

However, we must be careful to make sure that our beliefs are the right ones. If the belief is not in line with the direction of God’s love, it is simply self-indulgent and not a truly meaningful and correct belief.

What is a belief that is in line with God’s loving thoughts? It is the one that makes others happy. It is a desire to make society more loving. If it is based on an ego-driven, suffering others, and a mind that is only good for you, then the belief is not right.

If it is not a belief that helps those who are suffering and enables many people to help and support each other, it will not truly change society.

In holding on to that belief, you will be told many things by the people around you. You may be criticized and ridiculed. But you should not break your beliefs at such times.

Because if the belief is correct, it is no longer your belief, but the thoughts of God. Because you are there to manifest God’s thoughts in this world.

Therefore, you must always look back to see if the belief is truly God’s desire. You need to be able to check yourself to see if it is not a false belief. Otherwise, they won’t be as powerful as they would be if they didn’t come from the depths of our souls.