The Essence of the Universe is the Energy of Love


The essence of the universe is energy of love

The essence of the universe is an overwhelming energy of love.

It may seem that each of us has a physical body and is a separate entity, but in reality, each of us is a fragment of the energy of love in the universe, and all of us are really one.

Even though we are children of God, each of us is given our own individuality, we are all connected as one in the energy of love.

So, for example, if someone is suffering and sorrowing, it is also our suffering and sorrow.

It doesn’t mean that it’s never about you.

If you say it’s your own fault and you feel like you blame someone else, that’s not love.

Of course, what you do yourself must certainly be undertaken by yourself as self-responsible, within the law of cause and effect, which says that what you do will eventually come back to you.

But if the other person does not yet know the fact that such a law exists, then it is also love to be close to them and gently tell them about it.

The thought that all is one comes through to the will of God

When we have the feeling that we are all one, we are naturally connected to God’s will.

We have graduated from the stage of fighting each other because of different religions, ethnicities, and colors of skin, and we are learning that we should help each other as children of God, as a piece of the energy of love.

That is what we, as human beings on Earth, are learning right now.

When we become attuned to the will of the God of the universe, we can attract God’s energy through the law of wavelength synchronization.

And the infinite wisdom of God is drawn in.

You don’t need any special practice to do this.

We realize and feel that everything is one and the same as part of God.

This opens up the possibility of learning another level of love.