Terra and Gaia


Each planet in the Universe is inhabited by a pair of male and female consciousnesses. The consciousness that inhabits a planet is called “planetary consciousness. When we finish our ninth-dimensional training as a personality spirit, we enter a planet with our soul partner. The two of them work together to create, breathe life into, love, and nurture all things on that planet.

Entering the Earth are Terra and Gaia. All the creative principles in the Universe work through the energy of Yin and Yang. On Earth, all things have been created by Terra, the yang consciousness, and Gaia, the yin consciousness.

The yang energy of the masculine creates the form, the yin energy of the feminine infuses the flow of life, and the yin and yang energies spin in a spiral to create all things. In this way, life is born on the ground.

Terra controls the environment, including gravity, rotation, oxygen, temperature, etc. Gaia controls water, which generates the life force of all things and breathes life into them. Our physical bodies and the materials that make them up are all part of the Earth, and the water that flows through our bodies is all part of the Earth.

In this sense, Terra and Gaia are the father and mother of all beings living on the Earth. We are the children of Terra and Gaia. We are children of Terra and Gaia, and we are loved, given and nurtured by Terra and Gaia.