Nothing But Pure Light Inside Of Us

Children of God

The Importance Of Being Pure

Being pure may be taken rather negatively in today’s world. Some may take it as a sign that the more pure they are, the younger they are, or the less mature they are, but in the coming age, how pure they are is going to be really important.

Symbolized By The Baby’s Innocence

What do you think is the best symbol of being pure? I think it is the sight of a baby smiling innocently.

I like Starbucks and often go there. The other day when I was in line at the checkout counter, a mother was sitting next to me holding a baby and smiling at him.

The baby was smiling and laughing at the mother’s smile in a very innocent way. Watching this, I felt the purity of the baby’s smile, which naturally made me smile as well. The baby was there honestly, without pretense. It could be said that he looked like an angel without any sense of impurity.

Only The Pure Can Enter Heaven

Jesus Christ said that unless we change our hearts and become like children, we will not enter heaven. That means that those in heaven have pure hearts like little children, and we cannot enter or stay in heaven unless we are in such a state of mind. Young children are truly honest and have no doubts, they are unmindful. They are not conceited or fearful.

As the saying goes, “like attracts like.” Everyone in heaven is pure of heart. Purity attracts purity, and there are no people in heaven who want to deceive or hurt others.

When one is born into this world from the other world, one cannot be reborn from hell, so everyone is born into this world from heaven. No matter how evil a person may seem in this world, there is no one who is not a child of God. If they remove the cloudiness from their hearts, they will find the brilliant light of God hidden inside.

Uncloud One’s Mind, And Light Will Overflow From Within It

Even if we have created a cloud over our soul in our free will, if we reflect on ourselves and remove that cloud, we can emit our original light as a child of God as much as we want.

To be pure is to have the light as a child of God exposed and shining as it is. Originally, we are a spectacle of God. We are the light itself, separated from God, shining brightly.

What we think and what we do, God gives us free will and watches over us warmly with lovingkindness. It is only we ourselves who cloud that light.

However, even if we cover the light given to us by God with a cloud, if we reflect on ourselves and remove the cloud, the light will overflow again. This is because there is only pure light inside of us.