Harmony Of God’s Light

Individuality of the Soul

No two of us are exactly alike, and we are all different. Each of us is unique, and even those who we might think, “I can’t accept this person,” must be a manifestation of God.

The differences in our personalities are wonderful. It’s fun to realize those differences. No matter who they are, their individuality is a manifestation of the seven colors of God’s light. If we don’t sense what kind of light each person possesses and recognize their magnificence ourselves, we will not be able to appreciate each other.

There is absolute magnificence in the other person. If each one of us accepts and celebrates it, there will be no conflict or discord.

If we start loudly asserting our own absolute excellence, the harmony will collapse. It’s just like in an orchestra, if some instruments insist without considering the whole, the harmony will collapse. While accepting the brilliance of the individuality around you, you also shine. This is where beautiful harmony is born.