It’s Okay To Be Different

Individuality of the Soul

It’s Okay To Be Different

It seems that many young people in Japan are troubled by the idea that they have no individuality.

Individuality does not mean doing something eccentric to attract attention and stand out from the crowd.

There is no need to do such a thing at all.

Individuality is something that is originally embedded in each of us by God.

Everyone has a different seed of a flower, and as the Japanese song “Sekai ni Hitotsu dakeno Hana (Only One Flower in the World)” goes, each of us is special and unique.

There is no point in comparing yourself with others and assigning superiority or inferiority to them.

There is a flower that only you can make bloom, and God is waiting to see what kind of flower you will make bloom and color this world.

No matter the color, shape, or fragrance of the flower, it is always beautiful.

Whether it is an inconspicuous flower blooming on the side of the road or an elegant flower that has been landscaped and cared for, there is no difference in the magnificence of its value.

It’s okay to be you.

Let your personality bloom in your own way.

That is your individuality, and that is the gift that God has given to each of us.