The Individuality Of The Soul Is A Treasure Buried Within You

Individuality of the Soul

Self-identity is derived from the individuality of the soul. What kind of soul are you made of? Becoming aware of this is the discovery of one’s own personality.

It may not be easy to know what kind of soul you were created or born as, but each soul already has an original personality embedded in it.

That individuality is not duplicated by any other person in this macrocosm. A person’s individuality is unique to that person.

Discovering that individuality may be like digging out a treasure that is already buried within ourselves.

You may even envy others. However, it is not a matter of comparing one with someone else and saying which one is better or worse than the other. Buried within each of us is a unique and irreplaceable treasure given to us by God.

Individuality is the coloring of love. Individuality is given to us to express love. What kind of love can we color in this great Universe? That is the question that is asked of each and every one of us as children of God.