What is a particle of sunshine?


What is a particle of sunshine?

Have you ever wondered about the sun’s rays?

For example, when the sun’s rays pass through the window glass and enter a room, it makes the room warm, but how can it pass through the glass? Because the glass is clear?

Even if you put an electric stove outside the window and hit the switch, its warmth doesn’t come into the room. The light from the electric stove doesn’t go through the glass and make the room warm.

Even if you think about it, it seems that sunlight has some really mysterious properties.

When the particle capsules pop, they’re releasing energy in the form of heat

In fact, sunlight acts like a capsule, and when it hits something and the capsule pops, it releases its energy as a heat source.

If you imagine something like a medicine capsule, there are a lot of little granules inside, but if the outer capsule collapses, those granules will spread out.

In the same way, when a particle of light hits something and the outer membrane or something like that collapses, what is inside is released as heat. Therefore, even if there is light, if there is nothing to take it in, it will not be heat.

We can say that light is like a capsule that contains energy. When it is released, it becomes heat.

A particle of light has both a spiritual and a physical body

To say this further, there is something that is often similar. It is the relationship between our human souls and our bodies.

We live by having a part of our soul dwelling in our body. The soul is clothed in the clothing of the body.

The same is true of light, which has a spiritual body in its particles, and the particles of light have both a spiritual body and a physical body.

The spirit part of light is what is called the Reishi. On the outside of this Reishi, there is a certain skin, a kind of membrane, that wraps around the Reishi. When this part of the skin appears strong, it exerts solidity, and when it breaks down, the spirit body inside is released like a wave.

This means that light is a spiritual thing.The essence of light is spiritual.

The light emanating from the sun is transmitted in the form of a capsule containing energy within it. Don’t you feel the sun’s wish to keep alive all the children of God on the earth, including humans, animals and plants?

Without that light, we can’t live. The solar consciousness takes care to ensure that the light reaches the earth.

I digressed a bit, but in any case, the particles of sunlight have a physical body and what we can call a spirit body, just like humans in a sense, and when that physical body, the capsule, pops, the energy inside is released.

As such, the light is actually a spiritual thing.