Taking Negatives And Transforming Them Into Greater Positives

How to Live a Happy Life

How do you deal with people who are negative or emit a negative aura?

Many of you may feel bad or get bad influences from them, so you try to avoid getting involved with them as much as possible.

You may shun the person who has such negative energy and, in a sense, dismiss them as someone who has nothing to do with you at all.

However, instead of abhorring and dismissing negativity, we can transform it into an even greater positive energy by not being swallowed up by it and daring to take it in.

Even negative energy is still energy.

We can transform that energy into an even greater positive energy by converting it into a positive one without being eroded or swallowed up by its negative force.

Instead of eliminating negative people or those who emit a negative aura, it is possible to create more positive energy than before by getting together with them and engaging with them as well.

It might also be said that love is shallow if we simply eliminate and cut off the people we don’t like.

Can we embody deeper love without giving in to negativity?

If we think that we are being tested, we will be able to deal with negative people without being swayed by them.