Dark Matter And Dark Energy


Less Than 5% Of The Matter In This Universe Is Perceivable By Humans

I read an article about the Hyades cluster, the closest star cluster from our solar system, being destroyed by a mass of dark matter.

Is the nearest star cluster to the Sun being destroyed?
Data from ESA’s Gaia star mapping satellite have revealed tantalising evidence t...

It is known that less than 5% of the matter in this Universe is perceivable by us humans, and the remaining 95% or more is made up of what is called “dark matter” or “dark energy”.

Dark Matter Affects Galaxies

Dark matter is matter that is invisible but has gravity. It exists in clumps throughout the Universe, and it is said that where there are galaxies, there is always dark matter.

Observing the movement of galaxies, it was found that they are not only affected by their own gravity, but also by the gravity of other objects. The unknown substance that exerts this gravity is dark matter.

Dark Energy Pushing The Universe To Expand

It is also said that dark energy exists evenly throughout the Universe and has the power to speed up the speed at which this Universe expands and spreads.

Until now, it was thought that the speed of expansion would be slowed down by the gravity of the entire Universe, but on the contrary, it is accelerating rapidly, and the Universe is being pushed apart as if some kind of will is at work.

This unknown energy is what is called dark energy.

It Is The Energy Of Love That Fills The Universe

These things, which have been considered unknown in the field of science, are the energy of love that fills the Universe.

The fact that the Universe is expanding and spreading means that the Universe is still growing and young.

The desire to push the Universe to expand, to become bigger, to grow and evolve, is the very will of God.

God is the energy of love that pervades the Universe. I think we can say that science is finally starting to touch the encounter with God.