To those who have been hurt by other people’s words

Life's Troubles

To those who have been hurt by other people’s words

Have you ever been hurt by something someone said to you at some point and it stays with you forever?

Those words stuck in your heart like a thorn, and you couldn’t move forward because you couldn’t stop worrying about them. You can”t think positively. This may be a concern.

As long as those thorns don’t come off, it’s painful, and you always feel unhappy. If time passes, it may come out naturally, but unexpectedly it may be that the thorn is pricked in the memory that you have forgotten by yourself.

Reflecting on the past

In order to pull out the thorn, it is necessary to look back at who you have been.

For example, I try to divide the time period into periods such as elementary school, middle school, high school, and then from the age of twenty to twenty-five, and try to remember the people I was involved with and what they said to me. This is a good idea to write it down in a notebook or something.

If you already know the words that are thorny, think again about why the person said those things. How did you feel and what did you think when those words were thrown at you in your relationship with the other person? Look at it objectively and firmly.

Then, unexpectedly, you can see the reason why you were told that. Knowing the cause will lead to the removal of the thorn. Once you know that, you can modify your thoughts and actions. The caution here is not to try to change the other person. It’s about changing within yourself.

In some cases, just remembering it may make you feel painful, so there’s no need to overdo it. The point is to be objective, to be calm, and to look at the moment as if you were a third party.

And when you’re done with that, you just forget about it

And once you’ve looked back and figured out the cause, it’s time to move on and let the water run its course. Once you’re done with your reflection, don’t dwell on it all the time. It’s so easy to forget. Make up your own mind. Blowing it all away. In that way, you have to work it out within yourself.

While the thorn is still stinging, just remembering it is a painful thought, but after the thorn is gone, you won’t feel any pain or sadness when you remember those days.

If you say you don’t like it because it hurts to remember it, and you put the lid on it, it’s like the wound is festering more and more, so to speak.

The wound tingles and the pain doesn’t go away for how long. Instead, you look at the moment firmly, reflect, and pull out the thorns. And once you pull out the thorn, you forget about the cleanliness. Start living a new life today. I think that’s very important.

Remove the thorn in your heart as soon as possible and be reborn as a new you!

If you live that way, you will no longer be hurt by people’s words and unable to get back up.

If a thorn is stuck in your heart, you will be weakened more and more, so if a thorn is stuck, you should remove it as soon as possible. And from that moment on, you’re reborn as a new you.

If you have been hurt by someone’s words and continue to suffer, I encourage you to put it into practice.