How to strengthen your mental health – Turn your heart to good and fill it with light

Life's Troubles

Many People Today Have Mental Problems And Troubles

If you search the Internet for the word “mental,” you will find many articles and web pages about it.

The words “mental weakness” and “mental illness” are also common these days. The term “mental health” is also widely used in Japanese companies.

Mental health has become such a big concern that many people seem to have some kind of problem or trouble with it and are looking for solutions or hints.

Mental Illness Is A Darkened State Of Heart

Mental illness is a state of darkness in the heart. It is a state in which the heart is full of darkness.

To be more specific, darkness in the heart means that anxiety, frustration, worry, self-denial, lack of self-confidence, anger, and irritability occupy a large part of the heart.

The excessive stress of modern society tends to increase such dark thoughts, but the heart is originally full of light.

A dark heart is unnatural; the natural state of heart is one that is full of brightness, full of light, and shining.

It is round and shining like the Sun, just like the Sun.

Therefore, darkness of the heart is an unnatural state for it and is not its original state.

If such disharmony of the heart continues, it is often reflected in the physical body and leads to illness.

Bringing Light Into The Heart – Words Of Light Are Vitamins For The Heart

So what can we do about it?

It is simple: let light into your heart.

Specifically, we need to actively read words and writings that are full of bright and positive thoughts, love, harmony, hope, and gratitude, as well as books on the Divine Principle, and take them into our hearts. Then, we are to try to speak such words ourselves.

Words, whether written or spoken, are one energy itself. If we take in words that are full of light, they become vitamins for our mind.

Do not fill your heart with negative thoughts, but change your heart by turning those thoughts for good. When the heart is filled with light, the darkness will disappear in the light.

Mental problems cannot be solved overnight. The continuation of such things will strengthen and brighten the heart and make it full of light.

Mental Strength Is The Strength Of The Light Of The Heart

Mental strength is the strength of the light of the heart.

When you are mentally ill, the light of your heart is weakened. If you let the light in, your mental health will naturally recover.

Everyone in life has times of depression and disappointment.

However, a mentally strong person is one who can quickly regain the original brightness and radiance of his or her heart, and one who has his or her own way of doing so.

There is more than one way to do this, but fundamentally it is about restoring the heart to its original bright and shining state.