Children Blooming in God’s Garden

Individuality of the Soul

Children Blooming in God’s Garden

Children are the seeds of flowers.

What parents and adults tend to do is to tell children, who are sunflower seeds, to become tulips.

When a sunflower is told to be a tulip, it is denied its own identity, and its roots rot and wither.

The individuality of each child is God-given, and no two children have exactly the same personality.

The role of a parent or adult is to water the child according to his or her personality.

Forcing your own desires and dreams on your children is not education.

If you try to use your children for your own self-fulfillment, they will eventually rebel against you, and as the law of cause and effect states, the suffering you inflict on your children will come back to you.

Instead, you should believe in the child’s individuality and potential, watch over him or her warmly, and bring out the best in him or her.

When we do this, the diverse personalities embedded in each child will blossom, and the world will become more beautiful and colorful as God’s garden.