No Word “Religion” On The Evolving Planet Of The Universe


Negative Impression Of “Religion” In Japan

I think most of us Japanese associate the word “religion” with such negative impressions as “suspicious,” “dangerous,” or “brainwashing”. It’s a common image that is perceived as blind faith and some kind of danger, isn’t it?

This is due in part to the fact that there have been criminal acts and incidents involving religious groups in Japan in the past, and the public’s impression of anything with the name “religion” is generally suspicious.

We tend to look at things only from a superficial, impressionistic point of view, and rarely think about what religion really is from a fundamental perspective.

Religion Leads People To Happiness Through God’s Teachings

What is religion anyway? It is something that leads people to happiness through God’s teachings. A great leader who is close to God preaches God’s teachings, disciples spread the teachings, and those who are touched by the teachings are led to happiness.

For example, in the case of Christianity, Jesus Christ preached the teachings of God, and the twelve disciples who surrounded him spread the teachings, and over the next 2,000 years, it became a worldwide religion, and many people around the world have been saved. Even within Christianity, there may be some that are Catholic, some that are Protestant, and some that are divided into several sects in order to return to their original form, but the original origin of Christianity began with the teachings of God’s love preached by Jesus Christ.

This is true not only for Christianity, but also for Islam and Buddhism. Even if there are differences in the personalities of the leaders who preach the teachings, they are no less than the transmission of various aspects of God’s teachings.

In this light, it may be difficult to say whether what are called “new religions” in Japan are in some sense conveying the original teachings of God and leading people to happiness, but of course some of them are, but the majority of them are not.

On Evolved Planet Of The Universe, There Is No Word For “Religion.”

What about this on an evolved planet in the universe? There the word “religion” is no longer used there.

That is not at all to say that there are no teachings of God, or that there is no faith in God. God’s teachings have already permeated people’s consciousness and values as a matter of course. People take it for granted that they think of God with every breath they take, that they thank God, and that they live with God in their lives.

People on such a planet know that God is the fundamental energy of love in the Universe, the law of love that animates and nurtures all life in the Universe. They live with great joy in doing love for the happiness of other God’s children, knowing that they themselves are part of the energy of love that has separated from God, and that they are part of God.

Those who have such awareness go not only to their own planet, but also to other stars in the Universe, and do things like sharing their love with them, with the desire to help in whatever way they can contribute to the evolution of that planet.

Such people who go out of their home planet to work for the evolutionary growth of other planets are called “Space Angels”. With their overwhelming faith and love for the God of the Universe, each one of them directly feels the thoughts of God and lives in a society where God’s love is everywhere.

At such a stage, the teachings preached in religions have already taken root, so there is no need for such things, is there? There, religious teachings, as they are called on Earth today, are taken for granted by the people. We might say that they are our seniors who are walking ahead of us in the process of infinite evolution toward God, wondering how they can further evolve themselves to express even greater and deeper love in the Universe.

In Recognition Of The Cosmic Perspective Beyond Own Planet

What kind of being is the God of the Universe and what kind of being are we ourselves? It is usually difficult to have an awareness of the cosmic perspective beyond the planet we live on when we are not yet allowed to go out into space and live confined within a single planet. This is true even when we see situations where people talk about aliens being there or not.

It can be said that in the midst of such recognition, religions up to now have worked to make the existence of God known in a way that people living in that era can understand, using various metaphors and miraculous phenomena.

However, the time has come for our planet to take the next step. The word “religion” will eventually disappear on Earth, and we will join the other evolved stars in the Universe and spread our wings as a planet that can contribute to the evolution and development of the entire Universe. We are entering such a period of time.