People with different personalities and values are children of the same God

Life's Troubles

We’re connected as children of God despite our differences of opinion and personality

What do you do when you have people who disagree with you or who don’t fit in with your personality?

You might clash with them and fight with them, or you might try to keep your distance and not get involved with them too much. Some people don’t want to feel bad or get frustrated, so they try not to think about it.

When I look back on how I responded to such a person in front of me, I often used to do so too. But now I think of it this way. That is, “The other person is a child of the same God.”

Every child of God is a part of God and a manifestation of God. When we are exposed to people who have different opinions and ideas than we do, we realize the diversity of God’s world.

Even if a person is said to be any evil person, he or she is still a child of God, and that is just a form of being lost. He has only lost sight of being a child of God. There is no one in the universe who does not need to exist.

When we can see it that way, we don’t try to exclude or clash with the other person, and the heart is filled with acceptance of the other person. The more different people we have, the more we can enjoy the diversity of God’s world.

No matter how unpleasant they are to you, they are still God’s children, and they are also connected to you as your same brothers and sisters.

If you have that underlying feeling, you will be able to appreciate the other person. There will be less conflict and frustration. The more people like that, the less we will hurt each other. And everyone will be able to live a life that makes them feel happy.