Living to Make People Happy – Circle of Happiness

Why do People Live?

We live to make people happy

What is the reason for us to be alive? I believe it is to make people happy.

To make more people happy may sound like an exaggeration. Some people may think they can’t do such a thing. However, you don’t need any special power or talent to make people happy. It’s just a matter of making the people around you happy. That’s all you need to do.

Make the people we interact with every day – our family, our friends, our work colleagues – happy. We do what we can to make them happy. If they are in trouble, we help them. We will do what we can do to make them happy. Even if you just say kind and caring words to them for a moment, they will feel happy. For example, even just saying “thank you” to someone can make them happy.

It all starts with making each of us happy

I believe that for many people to become happy, it starts with making the people around you happy one by one. If this happiness spreads to the community, to the world, and to the globe, the planet will be filled with happiness.

I think there are many people in this world who want to be happy. But of those who wish to do so, not many may have found what it takes to be truly happy.

The answer is simple. Happiness is something that comes back to you in spite of what you do. If you make others happy, it will come back to you in turn and you will be happy too. In other words, other people’s happiness will make you happy.

Think of a time when you were able to make someone else smile. When you see that smile, you probably feel something warm inside you. That’s what joy is, and that’s how we children of God were originally created. We were created to feel great joy in giving joy to others and making them happy.

There are many opportunities to experience this lying around in our daily lives.There are many things that fall out of our lives that we don’t notice when we just walk past them at a quick pace. Imagine interacting with someone you don’t know. We can say, “This person has their own life to live, and there will probably be hard times as they go through their days, but I hope they will be happy.” I always feel this way.

Expanding the circle of happiness

If you interact with the people around you with that kind of mind, the circle of happiness will spread around you. As the number of that circle of happiness increases and expands, the number of happy people will continue to increase.

The people who are reading this now will be the first circle of people. Why don’t we throw happiness to the people in each place?