“Your Name.” – The two main characters are soul partners

Man and Woman

The theme of the story is soul partners

The “Your Name.”movie was released in 2016 in Japan. Many of you may remember it as a huge hit and causing a social phenomenon.

Personally, I’ve recently read the novel as well, and once again, I think this story is about “soul partners”, so I’d like to give you an explanation.

The following contains spoilers, so if you don’t already know what it’s about, please be warned.

Soul partners were one in the beginning

When you look at this story from the perspective of a soul partner, there are a lot of symbolic scenes and words that come into play.

For example, the following words.

‘In the beginning we were one, we were connected, but this is how people fall into this world, cut off from the thread.’

When our souls were created, the male soul and the female soul were one and the same. Like an apple cut in half, the soul was divided into male and female, and their respective journeys began.

In other words, the souls of men and women, which were originally one, are now divided into two parts in order to learn their roles as men and women.

This world can be described as this universe. In order to learn the roles of each gender, the two are separated in this universe and dwell in the body, each learning to be a soul.

What is the time of separation?

The etymology of the word “Twilight” appears in the work. The etymology of the word “Kataware (time of separation)” is an old one.

This “time of separation” refers to the time when the soul, created as one man and woman, is divided into male and female.

In other words, it means that the souls are separated from their soul partners and are living separately.

The comet that fell on Itomori-cho was originally one, but the tip of the comet split in two. The comet splits in two and then splits into two and falls to the ground. In this motif, too, what was originally one t is split in two.

Taki and Mitsuha switch into the other’s body while each remains conscious

The protagonists of the story, Taki, a male high school student, and Mitsuha, a female high school student, switch into their respective bodies while maintaining their consciousness. The trigger for this is sleep at night.

When we are asleep, our spirit body is leaving our physical body and returning to the other world to recharge its energy. In other words, Taki and Mitsuha’s spirit bodies have left their own bodies and are now inhabiting the body of the other person for a moment.

Even after they are replaced, they still retain their consciousness and individuality and enter the other person’s body. The body is a vehicle for soul training in this world, and the true self is the spirit body, the consciousness. That consciousness does not disappear.

When Mitsuha’s grandmother saw that it was not Mitsuha but Taki who was inside her body, she said, “You’re dreaming now, aren’t you?”

Grandmother, in other words, is seeing something invisible. It is not the spirit body of the Mitsuha, but another spirit body is entering the Mitsuha.

Nostalgic memories of the soul

The fact that the spirit bodies are swapped is made possible because they are so close in soul, or, more specifically, because they were originally one soul.

As proof of this, Taki says the following.

‘I don’t even know her name, and yet I know it’s her.’

There is such a thing as a nostalgic memory of the soul. No matter what kind of body you are dealing with, you can intuitively know your own soul partner, and you can smell them soulfully, like a magnet that has been separated from you sticking together.

It is an energy that shares the same energy and complements each other. There are not just any number of soul partners; there is only one that matches the cut of an apple cut in half.

Meet our soul partners

‘I’m looking for one person and one person only.’

What Mitsuha and Taki are looking for is a soul partner, and the story “Your Name.” depicts their encounter with that soul partner.

Even experiences that seem like they will one day be shared as the same experience.

The other’s life is also your life as it is.

And the soul partners who were separated will eventually become one again, and together they will fulfill their mission and role in this universe, working together.