Spiritual Vibrations In All Things

Children of God

Spiritual Vibrations In All Things

Everything created by human beings has a spiritual vibration in it.

For example, whether it is a desk, a television, or a building, the spiritual vibration of the person who created it has been added. Even if it looks like just a desk at first glance, it contains the vibrations of the thoughts, views on life, and ideas of the person who created it.

From God’s point of view, it is obvious what kind of vibration is put into it, and it will be obviously different. Even if things have the same physical form, they are completely different from those that were created with love and a desire to be of use to others.

No matter how beautiful you make something, no matter how much you focus on the outer form, if the spiritual vibration that is put into it is crude, it will not touch people’s hearts.