What God Is Quietly Telling Us

How to Live a Happy Life

Why does your heart warm when someone is kind to you?

Why do our hearts warm when we see people helping others?

When we help each other and share our suffering, our hearts are warmed.

This is not hypocrisy, but something we can actually feel in our hearts.

That is the proof that we are God’s children. It also means that we are beings with sensors embedded in us that respond to love.

It is embedded within us, not outside of us.

It is that warmth that we feel in our hearts that God is gently telling us how we are to live.

In other words, to love one another as God’s children, to help one another, and to live a life of hand in hand.

This is what God wants us to do.

Perhaps God is teaching us that such a way of life is the path to happiness and that we do not need to do anything complicated or difficult in order to be happy.