What the Expansion of Hay Fever is Teaching Us – Now is the Time to Regain Gratitude for Nature

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Why Hay Fever Is A Big Problem

Every year in spring time, people start talking about hay fever.

I too suffer from itchy eyes, runny nose, and stuffy nose during this spring time. I think many people suffer from it.

Why has hay fever become such a big problem, affecting so many people?

Nature Spirits Dwell In Trees, Plants, And Flowers

Hay fever is a general term for an allergic reaction caused by pollen from plants such as cedar, cypress, and rice entering the human body.

Pollen is the powdery cells from the stamens of plant flowers that enter a person’s body and cause an allergic reaction as a material cause. But in fact, it is not the only one; there are also spiritual influences at work.

Nature spirits reside in natural trees, plants, and flowers. Of course, we cannot see them with our eyes, but spirits called fairies and spirits exist there.

Allergic reactions to hay fever are also caused by spiritual elements contained in pollen that stimulate the human body.

Lack Of Gratitude For Mother Nature Causes Hay Fever

In the past, there was no hay fever.

It is said that hay fever was first diagnosed in Japan in 1961.

When people live in harmony with nature, hay fever does not occur.

What do you think is the reason why hay fever has become such a major problem in modern times?

The main reason is that many of us modern people have forgotten to be grateful to nature.

Hay Fever Is A Reaction To Man’s Destruction Of Nature

The reaction to man’s selfish desire to destroy nature and the environment is returning as hay fever.

This is also a warning from nature spirits against such a way of life.

Fairies and nature spirits also have no place to live as mountains are collapsed one after another by humans, trees are felled, and nature is destroyed.

They, too, are very sad and do not want humans to destroy nature any further, so they are throwing a stone at the human way of life through hay fever.

Gratitude For Being Kept Alive By Mother Nature

Natural spirits are children of God just like us, and we are brothers and sisters living on the same planet.

We human beings tend to forget that we are blessed by nature.

Although we are able to live while receiving many blessings from nature, we humans may have become conceited, thinking that we are the greatest people on the Earth.

Now is the time for us to regain our gratitude to Mother Nature and to the spirits of nature, and to live together with animals and plants, who are the children of God on this planet Earth, in a mind and action of mutual gratitude.