Your Efforts Will Live Forever

Eternal Soul

Your Efforts Will Live Forever

Some people may think that there is no point in trying so hard because it will end when they die. However, this is not true at all.

Even if your efforts don’t come to fruition in this life, they will never be wasted. This is because your efforts will be stored forever beyond this life, and they will not disappear when you die.

Even if your efforts do not come to fruition this time, they will come to fruition in your next incarnation. If it does not come to fruition in the next life, it may come to fruition in the life after that.

The time spent in such effort will live forever, and the next life will be determined by that effort. In this sense, there is nothing unfair, and depending on the quality and content of one’s efforts, the corresponding results will appear beyond the current life.

Some efforts may pay off immediately, while others may take a long time to pay off. But the important thing is to leave the results, whether they are rewarding or not, to God. And no matter what it is, I think we should try our best. Because that effort will create the next life and lead to the next new step.