Music Is An Expression Of God’s World


Music Is An Expression Of God’s World

Music and our daily lives are inextricably linked.

When we listen to relaxing music, it calms our hectic mind and brings back peace of mind. When I want to feel uplifted, I listen to music that inspires me and motivates me. For myself, I listen to fast-paced pop music or classical music during the day, and at night I leave relaxing music playing on YouTube.

Music has no words, however it speaks more than words, and it has an enormous impact on our hearts.

In the end, music is a way of expressing God’s world through sound.

If the music is pleasant to listen to, it is heavenly music. On the other hand, if the music is noisy and arouses desire, it is hellish music. Just as there are good and bad deeds among human beings, there are also good and bad sounds.

For example, what would happen if we converted the words of praise that come out of our mouths into sound? Musically, it would be a very beautiful and pleasant soundscape, and conversely, if it were a swear word or an abusive word, it would be a very disgusting and unpleasant sound.

Even if you are not a musician, you can sense the vibrations of the music and naturally know whether it is pleasant or not.

Music is a melody that resonates directly with the heart and expresses the world of God through that melody.